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BISA grant for Teaching Inside the Box

Last week we received the fantastic news that BISA, through there Learning and Teaching Small Grant, have awarded Anna and Simon a grant to support our Thinking Inside the Box project. Our project is a student-led, co-curricular curriculum redefined (CR) endeavour that connects Latin American archival materials with student directed outcomes to mark the 50th anniversary of the Chilean military coup in 1973.
Thanks to these funds, we're able to offer students at Leeds the opportunity to conduct research visits to archives in Liverpool, Manchester, and London as well as to enhance their work through a website, multimedia exhibition, and printed catalogue set to launch in April 2023.
The project has global aims to generate practitioner perspective as an inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional, skills-based, liberatory learning and professional development, in this instance around the topic of political resistance to dictatorship in Latin America. Importantly, the project is based conceptually on ‘Thinking Inside the Box’; which we define as embracing students’ positionalities and worldviews to generate a collective dialogue with materials contained within archives, and to ‘perform’ these artefacts of the past by reactivating and reflecting upon the political and social struggles they represent in the present.

Being able to run the project to its full capacity allows us to evaluate and measure our outputs, reflect on how well we meet our aims and how the project might look like moving forward across a range of outputs including Curriculum Redefined, peer-reviewed articles, and student review of practice.